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As of Jan. 12

New cases (last 7 days) 54

New cases (last 14 days) 103

2-wk. positivity rate (12/21-1/4) 5.46%

Last week’s 2-wk. positivity rate 5.5%

Total positive cases 747

Deaths among cases 23

COVID-19 deaths 16

Community cases 649

Out-of-county cases 112

Columbine residents 44

Columbine staff 13


As of Jan. 12

HRRMC capacity 64%

Current COVID cases 0

Positive tests 240

Negative tests 4,644

Pending 1

Positive employee tests 26

Negative employee tests 399


As of Jan. 12, per DOC website

DOC tests at BVCC 17,389

DOC inmate cases 502

DOC staff cases (per CCPH) 41

BVCC active cases 66

COVID-19 deaths 1


As of Jan. 11, per school district

Grove School 0

Avery-Parsons Elementary School 0

Buena Vista Middle School 1

Buena Vista High School 0

Chaffee County High School 0

Colorado Case Summary

Totals as of Jan. 12

Cumulative vaccine doses administered (as of Jan. 10) 187,641

People immunized with 2 doses 35,789

Cases reported 362,825

People tested 2,247,455

Deaths among cases 5,213

Deaths due to COVID-19 4,183

Outbreaks 3,187

Hospitalized 20,015

Adult critical care ventilators currently in use 33%

Hospital beds occupied by COVID patients 10%

Patients currently hospitalized for confirmed COVID-19 833

Facilities anticipating staff shortages in the next week 15%

Facilities anticipating PPE shortages in the next week 1%

Facilities anticipating ICU bed shortages in the next week 6%


CCPH will no longer be holding its weekly COVID-19 test clinic in Buena Vista. Valley-Wide Health Systems will now be offering testing Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at 707 Hwy. 24 N., Buena Vista. Valley-Wide will bill your health insurance. However, if you are uninsured, the test is free of charge. To register for a test in BV through Valley-Wide, call 719-395-8610 and choose option to speak with a nurse.


Chaffee County Public Health has two schedulers- one for testing and one for vaccinations.



“CCPH is aware that its online scheduler is full. Please do not contact our office to communicate this. We will only be adding additional first dose days and slots when we are guaranteed we will have enough vaccine. In addition, we are working with several providers to launch their vaccination programs as well. The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment cannot guarantee frequency or size of shipments, so we appreciate everyone’s understanding as we distribute the inventory that we do have.”

– Chaffee County Public Health

While the CDC did make an announcement to prioritize the 65-plus population and other groups to receive the vaccine, the state of Colorado has not made that change in its phasing yet.

Our clinics are for Chaffee County residents only.

CCPH clinics are drive-through clinics held on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1-4 p.m.

Phase 2 is estimated to begin later this winter, and we are hopeful that with additional vaccination provider support.

Phase 3 might be able to begin as early as spring (If CDPHE permits and if there is a steady stream of vaccine and supplies.). However, the current state phasing is anticipating a summer rollout for Phase 3.

Please do not contact CCPH for questions on vaccination timelines with this new announcement.

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