14erFest is bringing dozens of events to Buena Vista this weekend, starting on Friday and continuing through Sunday. East Main Street will close to vehicle traffic from Colorado Avenue to Court Street to make way for a vendor village and meet-ups for dozens of events.

“The focus is a crossover type event to bring user groups together. That continues to be our main mission and main focus. User groups unite,” said organizer Lacee Trusty. “We’ve got to teach people how to use what we have. It starts with us.”

The outdoor recreation-focused event is based around five activity categories: 4x4 (motor vehicle recreation), hike, mountain bike, run and fish.

A popular highlight and returning event will be the crossover Mount Antero 4x4 ride, which will take mountain bikers in jeeps close to the summit of Antero where they can then catch a challenging downhill trail.

“They come down Little Browns Creek trail, which is amazing. Certainly more technical, appeals to a more advanced rider seeking a challenge,” said Black Burro Bikes’ Matt Wells.

“My advice would be if you are interested, especially in the Mount Antero ride, to be at registration as soon as it opens. The spots fill out super fast,” said Wells.

Those who aren’t fortunate enough to land one of these coveted spots will have several other mountain bike group rides and crossover events to choose from.

“If you can’t get on the Mt. Antero ride, both the Davis Meadow ride and the Vitamin B ride provide for a great mountain bike ride experience,” Wells said.

Jeepsters can show off their machines in Friday’s Show and Shine event. The Edge, a sponsor from Denver, will put on a suspension test.

“We’ll have an RTI ramp where they get to test their flex. That’s always kind of a fun deal for people to do—who has the biggest flex,” said Trusty.

More crossovers include a number of 4x4 rides to remote fishing holes.

Fishing events are being organized by BV’s UpRiver Fly Fishing, which operates out of CKS on East Main Street.

“We started in 2018,” said co-owner Kayla Maddox. “We specialize in float trips on the Ark River and some 4x4 fly-fishing excursions to some of the high elevation lakes.”

In addition to fishing outings, UpRiver will host casting competitions for both kids and adults. These will take place on dry land at the River Park, to improve judging accuracy and avoid any potential licensing snags.

“We love including beginners and families. We love getting new folks into it. It’s one of our goals,” said Maddox.

Speaking of beginners, young bike riders can enter the popular strider race on East Main Street on Sunday at 12 p.m. Black Burro Bikes will be providing a limited number of loaners.

“We set up a really kid friendly obstacle course on Main St. Everyone gets prizes. It’s a really fun event,” said Wells.

Group 14er hikes are a new addition to the 14erFest menu.

“We have a hike led by GARNA on Saturday. They’ll summit Yale,” said Trusty. “We’ve had some people coming in who want to do a 14er but are a little nervous to do it on their own.”

In addition to all this awesome activity, live music and educational clinics will be ongoing all 3 days at the vendor village on East Main Street.

For a full schedule of events and more information see 14erFest.org

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