Cause + Medic crew

The Cause + Medic crew includes spa director Maureen Ingraham, owner Robin Vega and lead massage therapist Sarah Conrad.

Cause + Medic, the spa and retail supplier of environmentally friendly cleaning products, was voted Best New Business in 2020 and Favorite Massage/Body work.

Coming in first in addition to those two in the Best of BV poll, Cause + Medic’s hypochlorous acid based Clean Republic hand sanitizer was named the town’s favorite as well.

“Receiving this vote from the community means a great deal,” said owner Robin Vega. “This community has championed our products and spa since we opened and we couldn’t be more grateful.”

Cause + Medic opened it’s storefront on East Main Street in May, and opened its spa services shortly after. “We feel incredibly fortunate to have been recieved so well by our community and visitors. We still haven’t had a grand opening, but are looking forward to rolling this into an anniversary party at some point whenever it’s safe to do so.”

New businesses in 2020 had that once-in-a-century distinction of opening during a world pandemic, which Vega said was a challenge.

“I imagine opening a spa in normal times is quite daunting, but opening in a pandemic was something else. Working with state and county guidelines, staffing issues, masks, temperature taking, COVID forms, the constant cleaning, and the list goes on,” Vega said. “Luckily I’m surrounded by some really incredible humans so I wasn’t alone in it.”

The shop is staffed with a team that’s “small but mighty,” Vega said, including spa director Maureen Ingraham and lead massage therapist Sarah Conrad.

Vega said Ingraham “comes with several years of experience managing 4- and 5-star spas. She knows what it takes to run a spa and has been a key player in getting our Main Street location up and running. She also has an incredible gift for rolling out the red carpet for everyone who walks through our doors.”

Conrad is “the ultimate wellness guru,” with over 15 years of experience as a licensed massage therapist, “also trained in reiki, swe-thai, reflexology, ashiatsu and a number of other modalities. Her skill set is diverse, which allows her to truly accommodate each individual client.”

The most popular treatment at Cause + Medic is the Mountain Miracle, Vega said: “A luxury 100-minute head to toe massage featuring our best selling CBD Pain Cream, Body Butter and Massage Oil.”

Cause + Medic also produces a CBD skincare line that is incorporated into its spa treatments.

“For last few years, I’ve also served as an educator traveling to spas across the country training staff and therapists on the science behind CBD and the many benefits from using our skincare. We know our products inside and out and fully understand how they benefit our clients when incorporated into services,” Vega said.

All of the spa’s treatments come with products that use CBD, the anti-inflammatory compound found in cannabis, although Vega said the spa is happy to omit those products for customers who are not comfortable with CBD.

Most of Cause + Medic’s customers seem to love the stuff, though. Vega said the shop’s most popular product is “our coveted CBD Pain Cream,” followed by Buena Vista hats and BV’s favorite hand sanitizer from Clean Republic, Cause + Medic’s sister company.

“We launched this product in December of 2019 when we saw a need in the spa industry for an effective cleaning solution and disinfectant that was also free from toxic fumes and harmful side-effects,” Vega said.

Clean Republic uses HOCl, or hypochlorous acid, which is produced by running an electric current through saline water.

“Today, Clean Republic is being used in over 28 industries including hotels, hospitals, airlines, schools, restaurants, spas and much, much more.”

Looking to the future, Vega said, “We have lots of goals, and desires for expansion but unfortunately much still depends on this pandemic.

“In the short term, we’re building upon our menu, expanding our team and are working on stocking our shelves with the best clean beauty, skincare and wellness products,” she said.

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