BV Strong Community Dinner

The BV Strong Community Dinner ( ) was founded to celebrate the lives of neighbors lost in a rockslide. It has grown to become an annual celebration of all that makes BV a special place. The dinner, held the last Monday in September, put 3,664 seats down two blocks of East Main Street in 2017.

The time is upon us for Buena Vista’s favorite annual outdoor meal. BV Strong is bringing hundreds of tables onto East Main Street Monday, Sept. 20 in the spirit of food and friendship.

Seats are still being assigned at the event’s Facebook page,

“Planning for the dinner is going really well. The weather forecast looks amazing,” said organizer Amy Lively. “Full moon that night. We’re just really excited.”

Lively said table numbers were being set and the expected number of tables is around 330. She said event website will have seating assignments and a map available for download.

Safety remains a concern, so the map will also show where sanitizer and hand-wash stations can be found.

“We really want to keep everyone safe. That’s our utmost priority. That’s why we didn’t have it last year. We’re working really carefully, in continual touch with CCPH,” said Lively.

Lively reminded Buena Vistans to follow the Chaffee’s Got Heart guidelines and mask up if not vaccinated, stay home if feeling unwell, and wash hands regularly.

If you didn’t buy a shirt to help support the event, Lively said the web site has information on donating online, by drop-off at High Country Bank, or through the mail.

“It is totally free to attend. That is core to our principles. It is funded entirely by local donations,” she said.

“I’ve been thinking about everything we’ve been through in the last 20 months,” she said. “The origin of the dinner was also a devastating event for our community, with the loss of the Johnson family. The dinner was formed to remind us of how we’re stronger when we come together in the good times and the bad.”

Lively said people could also watch through BVHS Athletics’ YouTube Channel at

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