BV Racing finished runner-up at Eagle and in its conference while securing a dozen riders at state in Durango later this month.

Leading Buena Vista’s entry in the Colorado High School Racing League state championship Oct. 23-24 are varsity riders Ace England and Mitchek Colley.

At Eagle last weekend, sophomore rider Jacob Young was on the podium with a fifth place finish as BV Racing took second place on the podium for the South Conference Pidera Region.

The dozen riders headed to the state races are the most since 2014, when the team sent 14, coach Kathy McMurry said.

“This will be the third year state is in Durango,” McMurry said. “The JV and varsity riders who raced as freshman will be familiar with the course. All sophomores and freshman will be new to the course due to COVID last year.”

BV Racing may bring a partial familiarity based on this season’s racing.

“The Durango course is a good mix of the Nathrop and Eagle courses,” McMurry said. “The most challenging thing will be the competition, we have not raced with any of the riders from the North Conference, so there will be lots of new faces and fast riders.”

Cycling league riders don’t necessarily compete at their class level but rather are grouped by competition times.

“Riders do not move categories after the first race,” McMurry said. “If a rider wants to move to varsity next year, they will use race times from this 2021 season.”

Competing at the state championship JV race level for BV Racing will be senior Legacy Rider Elena Dunn (raced all 4 years), Zach Dylan, Zharria Heinitz, Avery Bott and Lindsey Trenkle; at the sophomore level are Jacob Young, Roan Volpe and Josh Salazar and as freshmen Aiden Bashrum and Aleeya Jacoves.

“Leading up to state riders will need to stay healthy,” McMurry said. “All of them have good fitness since they have been on the bikes since August. We will continue to work on cornering, out of the saddle climbing and on-the-bike recovery.”

Who will the coaches look to lead the team to a podium finish at state?

“JV rider Lindsey Trenkle has had a very strong consistent season, along with sophomore riders Jacob Young and Josh Salazar,” she said. “These are all new riders at a state competition. They will need to keep a level head and not let the nerves get to them.

“Upperclassmen and seniors England, Dunn and Heinitz will bring experience and leadership to the state race,” McMurry said. “They all have the potential to really shine in their last high school race.”

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