Owen England competes

Senior Legacy Rider Owen England competes in his last race Saturday at the Colorado Mountain Bike League State Championship in Glenwood Springs.

BV Racing finished 20th in team standings in Division 2. Durango, Steamboat and Colorado Rocky Mountain School took top three spots.

“Team finish was not bad. We were sitting in 11th before the Varsity races,” BV Racing coach Taf McMurry said. “We have only one Varsity rider and a few of the other teams having more than one, we were bumped down the standings,” she said, noting “every rider finished their race on a course that was short with very limited passing.”

Trenkle finished the course in one hour, 44.84 seconds competing with 115 riders in JV Girls.

Trenkle, a junior, “had a great race,” McMurry said. “She pushed herself and this placing will set her up for next year.”

Junior Jacob Young finished 78th competing in Varsity Boys in 1:21.27.22.

Senior Legacy rider Owen England turned in BV Racing’s top time with 50:29.42 racing to 67th in JV Boys and senior Zach Dylan was 151 in JV Boys with 56:38.65.

Aleyeya Jacoves was 56th in Sophomore Girls with 1:36.52.70, Legacy Rider Avery Bott finished 101st in JV Girls in 114 with 1:14.27.32.

Legacy Riders England and Bott “were very consistent with their lap times and always offer great leadership to the team,” McMurry said. “Other Legacy riders Jackson Williams, Ben Gaston and Joe Meakim, brought race experience where it was about actual racing, how to run the Feedzone or to set up our team pit. Nothing like senior riders mentoring the younger riders on the team and coaches having the confidence in them to do a good job.”

She wrapped up the season in context.

“All in all we had a great season. Every racer finished every race they started,” McMurry said. “We had people step into new coaching roles, the volunteer hours offered by our team were phenomenal, the racers have the best attitude, support each other and always have a good time.

“Looking forward to next year with seven seniors, and we are also looking for students who would like to race or any adults who would like to become a rider leader or a coach,” she said.

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