Hero in You

Watch the National Guard band’s video “Hero in You” at https://cutt.ly/6pNgQND

Marching back into Buena Vista, the 101st Army Band takes the performance stage for the free Concert in the Park at McPhelemy Park on Thursday, July 16.

Starting at 6 p.m., the 101st Army Winds Band and the 101st Army Dixieland Band, both of the Colorado National Guard, will perform up to 2 hours of Dixieland jazz, marches, patriotic favorites and other popular tunes.

Staff Sgt. Andrew Killgore, the newest member of the unit, will also sing a heart-filled piece titled “Letters from War.” Both bands will combine at the end for “Armed Forces on Parade,” a finale that pays tribute to every branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as well as “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

“We are very excited to play once again in Buena Vista,” says Sargent First Class Alisa Anderson, team leader of the 101st Army Winds Band. “We love performing in the park and we always get a nice, energetic crowd. There are very few places we can perform while keeping everyone at a safe distance, and McPhelemy Park is the perfect place to perform.”

The 101st Army Band last performed in Buena Vista in the summer of 2018, desiring to make a return every other year. This year, however, has seen some changes in their usual performance schedule.

“We had to cancel our annual Summer Tour and come up with new ways to perform our mission,” Anderson says. “So, under the direction of our commander, CW3 Russell Massey, we stayed at our home duty station of Buckley Air Force Base and recorded music videos to be released through social media every week throughout the rest of the summer.”

Both existing and upcoming music videos can be viewed on the 101st Army Band’s Facebook page: Facebook.com/101stArmyBand

“This summer has been tough for everyone and the 101st Army Band is working on ways to make small changes to keep both the band and our audience safe. If we can do that while providing a night of entertainment, then we have accomplished our mission,” Anderson says.

The 101st Army Band also provides for those who not only love music but also are looking for college funds. Anderson encourages all interested parties to check out 101starmyband.com for more information.

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