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Like common mullein beginning to reach their slender flowering stalks up again from out of the cracks in the earth along the railroad tracks in the warming spring air, or like some other kind of weed, the topic of recreational cannabis sales in town will once again come before the Buena Vista board of trustees.

A discussion on the topic of allowing businesses to operate in Buena Vista selling retail marijuana is on the trustees’ draft agenda for their May 11 meeting. Trustee Devin Rowe requested at the end of the board’s previous public meeting that the board revisit the topic, and the board voted in agreement.

“We’re going to provide the board with the draft ordinance that was created in 2016, along with the mapping that went along with that ordinance that described where retail marijuana could go and provide that to the board for perspective and reference, and really it’s their discussion to have,” said town administrator Phillip Puckett.

Voters rejected the measure to allow retail sales in BV in 2016. The topic has come up a handful of times since then, most recently in a presentation by Ascend Cannabis owner Scott Embree.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda, the board will consider whether to accept an application by Sangre de Cristo Electric Association to annex its property into town limits.

The annexation agreement represents “a conclusion of an agreement that happened 12 years ago when the town agreed to send water to Sangre. So, they’ve been on town water since then, and part of that agreement said that when the town is ready, the town can request (Sangre) petition for annexation. So that’s what we’ve done,” Puckett said. “Really the motivation here is to make sure they’re in town limits, and if we do have opportunities to annex around them, it will help us with that process.”

Puckett said the town is also working on a lease-purchase agreement with Ford Motor Company to bring two new patrol cars for the Buena Vista Police Department which may also go before the board if it is ready by Tuesday.

The lease-purchase for two cars, each costing roughly $53,000, would amount to a cost of $12,000 a year per car for 5 years, Puckett said.

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Joan Cummins


in Buena Vista. The surrounding towns of Salida and Leadville have benefitted from the revenues brought in by the Recreational MJ stores. Why is Buena Vista not doing the same? It seems like a good source of monies that will help provide amenities to the Town, easing up on the taxes and costs to both the Town and it’s residents. I believe the time is right for the Trustees to vote in an Ordinance allowing this to take place.

Joan Cummins

In these times when when local governments are strapped for cash and are unable to meet the needs of the local residents, a time when some businesses are facing the prospect of closing their doors, it appears that NOW might be the time to revisit the prospect of Recreational Marijuana in

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