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Every semester Buena Vista High School recognizes our outstanding students earning a grade point average of 3.8 or greater in at least five academic classes.  The following students earned an academic lamp or star for having earned a 3.8 grade point average, or greater during the 2021 spring semester:

Ninth Grade

Emilia Brooker Star 1

Andrew Cunningham Star 1

Gweneth Feuss Star 1

Jaylynn Goode Star 1

Audrey Johnson Star 1

Madeline Litvay Star 1

Danica McFadden Star 1

Sierra Muller Star 1

Danielle Neufeld Star 1

Cody Norton Star 1

Chloe Puckett Star 1

Tshering Williams Star 1

Tenth Grade

Charlotte Apodaca Star 2

Erin Bigley Star 2

Susan Chupp Star 3

Ella Coates Star 3

Elizabeth Cunningham Star 3

Stella Dawson Star 3

Elijah Evans Star 1

Blake Fauser Star 1

Ethan Flavin Star 3

Yakov Foley Star 3

Aidan Koch Star 2

Audrey McFadden Star 3

Magdalena Monreal Star 3

Lillian Neufeld Star 3

Jacob Phelps Star 3

Lila Philips Star 3

Maya Schuknecht Star 3

Makenna St John Star 3

Aspen Stearns Star 3

Aleah Urbine Star 2

Jackson Williams Star 3

Autumn Wingo Star 3

Eleventh Grade

Elena Dunn Star 5

Carley Feuss Star 2

Claire Groth Star 5

Macy Jennings Star 1

Max Johnson Star 5

Jamison Litvay Star 5

Molly McMurry Star 5

Cheyenne Montoya Star 5

Leah Nadeau Star 5

Quinn Philips Star 4

Brennan Pratt Star 5

Cole Reavis Lamp

Tanner Richmond Star 3

Connor Scott Star 1

Sara Shannahan Star 4

Aiden Urbine Star 4

A little bit of fun history facts about an academic lamp, courtesy Jeanne Shane, Buena Vista High School guidance counselor: “We all know what a varsity letter is in sports. The academic lamp is the equivalent honor for academics. The first time a student earns a grade point average or 3.8 or greater, they receive an academic lamp of knowledge. For each succeeding semester, upon earning this distinction, the student receives a star. Ideally, and especially when letter jackets were very popular, the lamp and stars are outfitted on the student’s letter jacket.”

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