The Chaffee County Boys & Girls Club held their second-ever drive-in movie event May 27.

Vehicles lined up before the gate opened and by the time the projector light flashed, around 40 cars and trucks were spread through the Comanche Drive-In.

Boys & Girls Club executive director Brian Beaulieu greeted arrivals and introduced the evening’s entertainment.

He said he is still working with the town to finalize plans on the club’s building plans, and that the new facility will be either adjacent to or across the street from its current location.

“We are working with the town of Buena Vista to secure a great spot for our future home in Buena Vista. As the year progresses, I look forward to announcing more exciting news about our Building Great Futures Campaign, as we work in both ends of the county to secure permanent homes for our both of our clubs. Great futures start here thanks our kids, families, staff, volunteers and all of our incredible supporters.”

“We’re taking a break this week and then we are full-on, 9 hours a day every day,” said Beaulieu.

As the sun sank behind the Collegiate Peaks to the northwest, families situated themselves tailgate-style, on nearby mats, and some even on the roofs of their cars and trucks, chatting amongst themselves and visiting the concessions stand.

The show began with a short film previewing the club’s summer activities. Smiling kids were 50 feet tall, skateboarding, fishing and rock climbing on the huge screen.

Beaulieu thanked the Groy family for hosting the event.

“Our BGC Summer Kickoff Family Movie Night was created to get kids and families excited about our summer programs in both Salida and Buena Vista. Like our Youth of the Year ceremony, our other public event for kids and families, Movie Night was successful as we were able to highlight our youth leaders and award-winning programs.

“Support comes from our amazing business and individual sponsors. To date we’ve raised over $36,000 in sponsorships from 21 sponsors,” Beaulieu said. “Our sponsorship goal for Salida and Buena Vista is $140,000. Without our sponsors we would not have been able to host this wonderful event at the Comanche Drive-In.”

The kickoff brought pleasant surprises.

“I’m especially proud of the Summer Kick Off video, which received its world premier during the previews Thursday night. I hope more folks will go to our website and Facebook page to see more than 30 of our club kids touting their favorite programs.”

For more information on the Chaffee County Boys and Girls Club at

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