Sara Fernandez of Saguache admires the grand champion ribbon she was awarded

Sara Fernandez of Saguache admires the grand champion ribbon she was awarded for her barn quilt painting Wednesday at the Chaffee County Fair. Fernandez entered several smaller barn quilts and photographs, all of which earned her at least blue ribbons.

Sara Fernandez had her hopes up as she drove the 45 miles from her home in Saguache to find out how she did in the Chaffee County Fair open class.

Her hopes were justified as she discovered her 4-by-4-foot barn quilt “Regal Starburst,” had won grand champion in the hobbies, crafts and miscellaneous category.

Fernandez said she usually enters a cloth quilt in the fair but didn’t have the materials to complete one this year.

Instead she used her eye for color and design to paint barn quilts, quilt designs painted on wood and meant to be hung outside on buildings.

She said she got her design from a picture she had seen and changed the colors and made other design changes to create her finished product.

It takes her about 4 days to paint a large barn quilt such as the one that earned the grand champion ribbon.

Fernandez said her interest in the art form was sparked by friends.

Her other smaller barn quilts and photographs all won at least a blue ribbon. One photo also won a champion ribbon in the animal division.

“I got blue ribbons on everything. I’m pretty happy,” Fernandez said.

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