“Since 1959, Highland cattle have been bred to thrive at 8,000 feet. They are hardy, resilient and thrifty, like the folks that live in this great state. … Know where your beef comes from,” states Nathrop’s Arrowpoint Cattle Company.

After 5 years, Central Colorado Conservancy closed on an easement of 598 acres of newly protected lands with the Arrowpoint Cattle Company, which is owned and operated by two sisters in Chaffee County.

This active cattle operation, adjacent to the Arkansas River, practices managed grazing to improve soil health while also irrigating hay and pasture lands and producing beef for local restaurants.

The conservation easement also protects working lands, wildlife habitat and scenic views from the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway and Browns Canyon National Monument.

Conservation easements can take a long time, and this was no exception. This success comes after 5 years of working toward a final agreement.

“Everyone knows how hot the real estate market is in Chaffee County right now,” says project lead Lucy Waldo. “I am so grateful that this family chose to conserve their land, rather than sell to somebody else for fast cash.”

Thank you to our donors on this project including GOGO, NRCS and Chaffee Common Ground, she said.

Details about the project include:

Property Location: Arrowpoint is located within a priority viewshed identified in the Chaffee County Heritage Area and the Collegiate Peaks Scenic and Historic Byway Management Plan and is ranked as a high priority for conservation within this plan.

Arrowpoint Ranch dominates the bench above the Arkansas River, adjacent to the Browns Canyon National Monument and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.

Protection of the Arrowpoint Ranch will provide a scenic and ecological buffer next to the monument, the 6,614-acre Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area, and the Arkansas River.

Current Uses Agricultural land, beef production, irrigated hay and pasture.

Conservation Values The property’s conservation will protect wildlife habitat and scenic views from the Collegiate Peaks Scenic Byway and Browns Canyon National Monument, in addition to preserving productive agricultural land.

The property is adjacent to the Arkansas River. Wildlife on the property includes elk, antelope, Lewis woodpecker, birds of prey and small mammals.

Wildlife Corridor Arrowpoint Ranch also provides habitat for numerous wildlife species, including elk, mule deer, pronghorn, bobcat and mountain lion.

Arrowpoint Ranch serves a natural corridor for wildlife, moving down Gas Creek to the Arkansas River.

Two pairs of the imperiled Lewis’ Woodpecker have been documented nesting in old-growth cottonwood trees on the property for several years.

Future Uses and Reserved Rights Agricultural activities will continue on the property. Water rights are tied to the land. Three building envelopes are permitted, one including the existing structures.

Funding This is a funded project that was included in the Heart of the Arkansas application funded by GOCO. Additional funders are Chaffee Common Ground and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

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