Managing a business may seem straightforward at first, but more often than not managers find themselves wearing many hats for just one job. Jenny Nall of the Habitat for Humanity ReStore is one such manager.

“I do everything from managing the store to getting volunteers, arranging pickups, going on pickups, getting the donations, working with the fundraisers that we do,” says Nall.

She even works with advertising and Facebook for the ReStore.

“It’s busy, but it’s good. There’s a lot to it. The volunteers definitely help out with that,” she says. “We have volunteers who can do several things in the ReStore. It’s not just one thing; there’re a lot of avenues that they can help with.”

Nall and her family moved from Hugo to Buena Vista almost 4 years ago, partly for work and partly for the beauty of the mountains.

Buena Vista’s school district also played a part in their relocating here. “When you compare the schools, this is definitely the better school system for our girls,” says Nall.

Straight out of high school, Nall had taken up work at a bank in Hugo, working her way up to head bookkeeper. In moving to Buena Vista, she was able to transfer to First Mountain Bank in Leadville, where she continued her bookkeeping job. What at first seemed beneficial became less so with the transit to and from work.

She began looking at job openings closer to home, leading her to the manager position at the ReStore. “It was very appealing,” she says. “I had worked with non-profits before. Having a job with a purpose was definitely appealing.”

After 18 years of working in banks, Nall began working at the ReStore in December 2016.

Along with the store volunteers, she now works to help people, be it through preparing a donation for delivery, building affordable houses in the county or helping customers buy things for their homes at reasonable prices.

“Where are you going to go buy a couch in Buena Vista?” she says. “There’re only so many things that we have as far as retail space (allows).”

Working at the ReStore does come with a fair amount of unpredictability each day.

“I don’t know what someone’s going to donate, and I don’t know what somebody coming in the door is going to want,” Nall explains. “I don’t know if I’m getting four couches today or if I’m getting 20 chairs or 30 doors. I have no idea what to make space for. I don’t have a warehouse I just order from. It’s all based on what people donate.”

The ReStore’s goals for next year are high, she says, hoping to see everyone do more as they perform better and better.

Since moving to Buena Vista, Nall has joined Valley Fellowship Church and even helps out with their Awana program.

Children pre-kindergarten through fifth grade can join this program and meet up at the church every Wednesday evening.

“It’s the biggest after-school program for kids in Buena Vista,” she says. “There’s over 40 kids every night. But it’s fun.”

Nall is one of the leaders for the Sparks group, covering kindergarten through second grade. She and her group of kids spend time learning Bible verses, playing games and telling stories.

“It’s really rewarding to the kids who are learning and being able to have that time to interact with other people learning about God too,” she adds.

All of this Nall does in addition to being a mom. She also strives to make sure her own girls continue to dream and have goals.

“There’s one in college and one who’s 9, so we definitely have a couple of dreamers on our hands,” she says. “We’re trying to make those dreams come true.”

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