South Main
The Lawn
July 1The Polish Ambassador
July 2-4Red And White, Blue Suede Shoes Featuring Leftover Salmon and others
July 11Meadow Mountain
July 18Gypsy Cattle Drive
July 25The Two Tracks
August 1La Pompe
August 8Lizzy & Natalie
August 15Lovers Leap
August 22David Lawrence & The Spoonful
August 24-25The California Honeydrops
August 29Joe Smith & The Spicy Pickles
The Ivy Ballroom at Surf Hotel
July 2Rapidgrass
July 3Eddie Roberts & Friends
Roastery Stage by BVEC
Saturdays at 1 p.m., Sundays at 10:30 a.m., Free
June 26Mountain Mantra
July 3Salida Circus
July 10Silvercliff Lights
July 17Blue Rooster
July 18Thawind Mills
July 24Nasca Lines
July 25Mark’s Midnight Carnival
August 7Mountain Mantra
August 8dig dug
August 14Blue Recluse
August 21Blue Rooster
August 28Midight Carnival
September 4Groovespeak
Fridays at Turner Farm
6 p.m. to 8 p.m. by Buena Vista Heritage
June 18Tim Burt
June 25Kyle Green
July 2Carin Mari
July 9No Concert
July 16Tracey Egolf
July 23Brian Bishop
July 30Joyce & Lloyd Woods
August 6Gene Farrar
August 13Kevin Cardinal
August 20Cec Hogarth
August 27Richard Maas
Thursdays at McPhelemy by BV Recreation
June 17Howie Campbell
June 24101st Army Winds
July 1Bob Weir
July 8Alex Johnstone (of Rapidgrass)
July 15Bill Kelly
July 22Mountain Mantra
July 29Kevin Cardinal / Midnight Halo
August 5Gene Farrar
August 12Kevin Cardinal
River Runners Browns Canyon
June 18Bonfire Dub
June 19Arthur Lee Land’s Twang is Dead
June 20Mark Morris’ Bloody Mary Morning
June 27Tierro Band with Bridget Law
July 14Mark Morris & Jenner Fox / Coral Creek
July 22Rocky Mountain Surf Report
Aug 03Sun Dried Vibes
Aug 08Roundhouse Assembly
Aug 13–154th Annual River on the River

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