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Chaffee County Housing + Health will host a presentation by AJ Fawver of Verdunity at its final Speaker Series session at 5:30 p.m., Thursday, April 29.

Fawver is a community consulting program leader who will share insights developed through 15 years of professional leadership in municipal planning.

The presentation will address how regulatory barriers affect development in Chaffee County, and will highlight how regulations are used for administering development for housing, and how the regulations may be made more effective to increase affordable housing options for low to moderate income level households.

There will also be a Q&A opportunity following the presentation. The session is free and open to all, and can be viewed live through zoom at, meeting ID 874 0785 1879 and passcode 525938. 

The Housing + Health Speaker Series is a joint effort of Chaffee County Housing Authority and the Chaffee County Public Health department. This session is the final public event supported by a three-year state-funded Health Disparities Grant Program that encourages creative solutions to help to solve local housing issues and decrease health disparities in our community. While the Housing + Health series offered more broad-topic sessions in the past, this presentation is focused on how regulations function and how to identify opportunities to create efficiencies in local systems. 

“During the past 3 years of hosting nationally-known land use and housing experts and convening the county-wide planning collaborative, we have learned that local policies and systems are within our community’s control,” says Becky Gray, Director of the Chaffee Housing Authority. “They play a significant role in making housing more or less affordable, which is why this topic is so relevant for Chaffee. We are working collaboratively with stakeholders to increase housing options in our community.” 

This event is meant for Chaffee County homeowners, renters, builders, advocates, public officials and other community members with an interest in housing issues within Chaffee County.

For more information on AJ Fawver and Verdunity visit

For more information on the Housing + Health initiative and the Speaker Series, and to view past speakers, MailScanner has detected a possible fraud attempt from “” claiming to be visit

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