Amy Waugh

Stylist Amy Waugh says hair design is an art.

Her laughter fills a room, and when you walk into her shop, Amy’s Hair Design, you know you will leave with a little bounce in your step and a smile on your face.

“I love helping to make people feel good about themselves,” Amy Waugh says of her hair design business.

Born in Denver and raised in Buena Vista, Amy has enjoyed the past 11 years as a local business owner.

Following her high school graduation in 1987, Waugh attended the Academy of Beauty Culture in Grand Junction for 9 months.

A 4-month intensive training program at Michael of Carlisle in Littleton led to five5company.

She then branched out on her own and contracted with Salon Foushee, also in Littleton, for the next 9 years.

Even after moving back to Buena Vista, she continued a weekly commute to the salon for 3 more years. Then, in 2001 she opened Amy’s Hair Design and hasn’t looked back.

“Hair design is an art,” Waugh says. “I do all aspects of hair design, but I especially enjoy working with hair color. I think hair color can enhance a person’s style and personality. But, the biggest reward, no matter what the customer wants to do with their hair, is to help add glimmer to their day.”

Waugh enjoys working with six other independent contractors in her shop.

“Each one rents their own space, and each has their own style, expertise and customers, but we help each other out. We stick together and all have our customers’ best interest at heart.”

Each hair designer attends several trainings each year to stay on top of their craft, and Waugh also invites hair stylists to come into her shop to train them on new products and techniques. “We are always learning,” she says.

“Growing up in a small town has its advantages,” Waugh says. “I have wonderful connections with friends I’ve known since kindergarten. One group of us has been dubbed The Fabulous Four,” she says and laughs, “and you never know what we’ll be up to when we get together. We still get together every year for a girls’ weekend. We’ve had some pretty hilarious times.”

She cites one funny story. “Years ago, my friends visited me when my husband and I were living in a house in Denver, and I was pregnant with my second child, but not due for another 3 weeks. We all had a fun evening together and I was noticing a few little pangs and commented that I didn’t even have a bag packed.

“Everyone was staying in different rooms on different floors of this four-story house. I suddenly realized I really was about to have this baby. I stood up, telling my husband to call 911, when suddenly my son was coming, dropping right into my husband’s hands. When the fire department arrived, the firemen were running all around the house looking for me, while my friends had no idea what was going on.

“One friend came into my room asking me for hair spray, ‘because,’ she said, ‘the firemen were good looking,’ not realizing I had just delivered a baby, who was with me on the floor. Another friend packed only a T-shirt and a pair of sweat pants in a bag for me to take as we left for the hospital. The whole thing was comical, and just so typical of the fun memories we have created together.”

Waugh says that as a business owner, the growth in the past few years in Buena Vista has been advantageous.

“I love a lot of the new aspects of the community. It’s especially great to have so many music venues now. I love live music.”

Waugh is devoted to her craft and has been known to work her schedule to accommodate the needs of others, whether teachers who need late appointments, a bridal party or teens who are getting ready for prom.

“My work is truly one of my hobbies,” she says. But, when she has time, Waugh loves to get out and hike. “We have so many fabulous trails to hike on around here, right out our back door. It’s a beautiful place to live.”

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