Cara Reano

Growing up, Cara Reano had an early hand in home health care while looking after her father who had a rare leukemia. This would influence her decision to turn to medicine later down the road.

“The minute I graduated high school, I went to EMT school and started on an ambulance,” Reano says. “I just felt like that was more my place to help people, because that’s what I grew up and knew best.”

Originally from Guam, she eventually found herself in the Denver metro area with a family of her own.

A little over 4 years ago, Reano and her family came to Buena Vista for a house renting opportunity.

She still had to commute to work in the emergency room on the Front Range until she finally got a job at Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center in Salida, working with Dr. Robert Hunter in the orthopedic sports medicine department.

Having worked in medicine since she was 18, Reano decided to take a break from it.

For a year, she worked as a paraprofessional educator in the special education department at McGinnis Middle School.

Almost 2 years ago, a new career opportunity appeared as membership manager for AirMedCare Network.

“It was recommended by a friend of mine, who thought with my patient advocacy and my need to help the community and help people and I know that healthcare financially can be tough, referred me to the director who called me and asked me for an interview,” Reano says.

After learning more about the company, its employees and what they do, she felt more inclined to “scoop up this position.”

AirMedCare’s membership program covers the expenses of an entire family should any member of that family need to be flown out to a hospital for an emergency. Being able to help people in this way helps make this Reano’s favorite job thus far.

“What I like about my job is that I’m covering people’s financial future in the event of an emergency living in these rural areas,” she says. “We do flights for the front range because we are not equipped as far as trauma like heart attacks and strokes, those kinds of things in this area. A flight out is definitely important.”

Reano also does talks at community and home owner association events, informing them about their options with AirMedCare.

With a territory from Chaffee County to the southwest quarter of Colorado, she has a lot of ground to cover for one person trying to spread the word about AirMedCare’s membership program. She can always appreciate getting some help from other people who know about the program and spread information.

Most rewarding of all, though, are the thank you calls she receives from people helped by AirMedCare. “It’s heartwarming to know that people are thankful that we provided a great service to them,” she says.

To this day, Reano still feels a childlike excitement every time she sees the helicopters arrive.

“One of my funnier moments is that sometimes at events I will be out there to make sure the area is clear to land a helicopter,” she says. “There have been times in snow where I have been snow-blasted upon landing.”

When not kept busy with her work, Reano stays busy as a mom hoping to see her children become the best they can be.

“I would love to see my children flourish into the great kind of adults who give back to their community as well,” Reano says. “I’m really proud of my children. I just want to see them by healthy, happy adults.”

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