Rotarian Jay Boyd

“I think community service is … a good way to give back to the community.”

As a kid, Jay Boyd remembers thinking he might become a doctor. “I remember saying that in first grade and getting pats on the back,” he says.

But life’s unpredictability eventually led him down other roads.

Boyd’s parents met in Buena Vista. His grandmother, Florence Tising, had started Tising’s Café with her husband during the mid-1900s. That café is now Jan’s Restaurant.

Boyd lived on and off in Buena Vista back then. “I spent most of my childhood coming up from Colorado Springs to work at her restaurant,” he says.

It was hard to be separated from his friends, but the work put money in his pocket.

During college and into his late 20s, Boyd worked in construction around Buena Vista and other places. In the mid-80s, he even had a rafting business in Johnson’s Village called River’s Edge Rafting. It wasn’t to last.

“I had a child and needed a steady job,” he says. Between death and taxes, he “didn’t want to be a mortician.” So, he became a Certified Public Accountant for the next 30 years.

Boyd lived in Denver for a period of this career. In April 2013, he moved to Buena Vista again.

“I have roots here and a lot of friends here. It was time to make a change,” he says.

His roots deepened as he continued as Jay Boyd CPA/ABV PC.

“I spend about 6 hours a day at the desk, and then I try to get out for rafting or disc golf or just walking,” he says.

Those 6 hours aren’t always simple, even from his home office. “Deadlines are tough, tax code is difficult,” he says. “Other than that, I like the work I do. It’s not that big of a struggle.”

Boyd especially enjoys working with small business people.

“They’re a great set of people to work for. They employ something like 70 percent of the people in the country. They tend to be smart, successful people, and I enjoy working with them.”

When he’s not preparing taxes or taking on the mountains or the river, Boyd is helping out with non-profit groups. He recently has been inducted into the Buena Vista Rotary Club, helping them with their community projects and events.

“I think community service is … a good way to give back to the community,” he says.

Boyd is also a volunteer board member for FRED Leadership, an organization that focuses on inspiring and supporting leadership and promoting “moral and inclusive leadership training.”

“We have an annual forum and bring people from the leadership development executive education world together and mix them up with non-profit groups that need help in their executive development. Hopefully synergy rises and things get done,” says Boyd.

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