I am thinking most of us have been encountering all the millers flying about, especially in our homes. Some in the bright open spaces of our homes, but most seem to be hidden. I move an object, straighten a picture on a wall or, of course, any clothing. Every crook and cranny seems to uncover a miller. They so quickly scurry or fly away from my grasp.

Harmless creatures, I waste more time trying to catch them so I can set them free. After all, they mean no harm, just going on about their business.

It reminds me of our dear Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who gave His life on a cross of torture so we too could be set free. Free of what you might ask? Well, like the millers we get ourselves sometimes in the wrong places, and even though we might not always intentionally, we may never escape our circumstances. Because of the wrong choices we make, we too suffer.

Jesus our Messiah is always ready to help us out. He reaches out to us with His heart and open hand saying, “Be still and let me set you free.” So many distractions, so many choices, but really the easiest is to be still and listen for His voice, His knock at your door, and say yes Jesus, I want to be set free!

Won’t you give yourself a chance?

Connie Determan,

Buena Vista

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