Dr. Ethan Greene

Dr. Ethan Greene, director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center and instructor and one of the originators of the avalanche science program at Colorado Mountain College, will present the next Collegiate Peaks Forum Series lecture. “Avalanche Science: The Cold Facts” will start at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 13, at the Buena Vista Community Center, 715 E. Main St. The lecture is free to the public and refreshments will be served.

Greene has been the director of the Colorado Avalanche Information Center since 2005. He has worked as a ski patroller at the Big Sky Ski Resort in Montana and as Avalanche Specialist at the U.S. Forest Service’s Utah Avalanche Forecast Center. He was one of the originators of and is currently an instructor and technical advisor for Colorado Mountain College’s avalanche science program, having recognized the need for an experiential program geared toward industry professionals.

CMC now offers a 2-year certificate program in avalanche science geared toward practical applications for avalanche safety operations. Greene attributes lower avalanche fatality rates in recent years to an increase in safety training and education, with more than 7,000 people attending the CAIC’s Know Before You Go avalanche awareness programs last year.

For more information on the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, including forecasts, observations, accident data and education, visit http://www.colorado.gov/avalanche.

Greene studied meteorology at the University of Utah and holds an M.S. in atmospheric science and a Ph.D. in geoscience, both from Colorado State University, where he studied atmospheric science, specifically atmospheric modeling and snowdrift formation. He has also examined the importance of the microscale structure on the thermal and mechanical properties of snow in Colorado and Switzerland. He has published scholarly articles on snow, weather and avalanches and is a member of national and international working groups on snow and avalanche projects. He is the primary author of “Snow, Weather, and Avalanches: Observation Guidelines for Avalanche Programs in the United States” and “The International Classification for Seasonal Snow on the Ground”.

The Collegiate Peaks Forum Series, in its 16th year, is a free lecture series with presentations in Leadville, Buena Vista and Salida. For more information about the CPFS, visit www.collegiatepeaksforum.org.

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