It has been very insightful to read the Faith columns and letters to the editor in The Times regarding who goes to church and should they be accepted if they have a different sexual orientation.

Rev. Rebecca Kemper Poos (Congregational Church) thinks all should be welcome regardless of belief and sexual preference. Rev. Catherine Tran, Rector and Rev. David Erickson of Grace Church welcome all people regardless of sexual orientation at God’s table.

Mr. Tim Burt, in his letter to the editor, believes that those who extend a welcome at the table to LGBT are not “biblically sound” as this lifestyle is not Christian but “come as you are but do not stay the same as you came.” Could Mr. Burt be basing his belief on Leviticus in the Bible written 3,000 years ago?

In Birmingham, Ala., in 1965, Dr. Martin Luther King wanted to sit at the Table Church counter and be able to vote and go to good schools despite having different skin pigmentation. And what was the reaction of the Christian ministers to Dr. King, a man of color? They put him in jail.

Rev. Jerry Falwell and Rev. Pat Robinson (700 Club) said that God caused AIDS as homosexual behavior was lewd and licentious.

They also said God caused hurricane Katrina as a warning to America for it’s sinful nature. Many modern-day ministers have talked with God, Creator of the universe such as Jimmy Swaggart, Billy Graham, Oral Roberts and others.

So what makes these religious experts preach truths so diverse? Fixed in their pet beliefs these men of God say: “Hold this and truth is yours, reject it and you are lost.”

There are more than 20 churches in Buena Vista and more in Salida, and they all have a different interpretation of the Bible. These nice people delight in their views and those who disagree miss purity and err.

In 1860 Abraham Lincoln was running for president and was asked why he did not go to church. Lincoln said “I will go to the church which has Jesus’ greatest commandment as it’s sole reason to join; “Love God and your neighbor.” Lincoln never found a church like this and neither have I.

Mr. (Fred) Rogers asked, “Won’t you be my neighbor, I like you just the way you are.” Fred Rogers was an ordained Presbyterian minister. John Wesley (Methodist) said, “We may disagree on ideas but surely we can agree on love.”

Mr. Burt also asks, “Where do you get your life view?”

I get mine from Jefferson, Thoreau, Emerson, Lao Tzu, Buddha, Dale Carnegie, Ayn Rand and the Stoics.

David Hester

Buena Vista

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