I know and am always aware of those who must wear ankle monitors when an addiction of drugs or alcohol has gotten someone in trouble with the law.

A lot of these people never imagined their lives would someday be consumed by substance, it makes my heart sad for everyone of them.

Yes, it was their choice when they first had that desire, for some it was poison and so began a long road to destruction.

If you are having a cup of coffee as you read the paper, are you addicted to it, must you start your day with caffeine or the cigarette you lit?

There consequences to these as well; I talk too much when I have one cup of coffee! So the point is addiction can creep into ones life and ultimately destroy.

So I do understand monitors, court, classes about addiction, tests...but to think these are going to change a person right away, for some lucky one yes, but on average, no.

Meanwhile, the people in charge are making bank oh these individuals, it all costs a lot of money, literally! Try as they might, it takes time to overcome these addictions after all.

All of the addictions bring comfort. Terrible things happen to many individuals who really are trying to not mess up. Decisions are made because it is so hard to overcome; lack of money as it is chewed up in the court system, no drivers licenses for many, therefore no job to keep busy, and for many choosing to isolate themselves. Most have similar friends.

If you who have the same habits of jogging, walking together, drinking coffee, smoking, it is pleasurable to be in the same company with others, “birds of a feather flock together” as the saying goes.

But when you try to abstain, especially because of guilt or a monitor as in my brother-in-law’s case, he was isolated in his own thoughts trying to abide by the law, he died with no alcohol or drugs in his body.

Last year in another state I was informed of a similar tragedy in which the 50ish father, after a week-long abstinence from alcohol, chose to end his life with his wife and adult son present in the home.

This is going on everywhere. Have you been around a person who hasn’t had their morning coffee yet or are without their cigarettes?

My question is, with all of the money these people who are held accountable to the courts have emptied their pockets to, why can’t the courts, along with the ankle bracelets, classes, tests (UA’s) be given a prescription that suppresses their urge?

This would, could help their bodies and minds while alone or in classes listening about drinking instead of dreaming of drinking. Patches can be acquired for suppressing smokers for free.

To think anyone can just peacefully submit their minds, their bodies to total abstinence is wrong in thinking. These are habits, a condition of the mind or body, a practice, a custom, an act that has become automatic.

My prayer is that classes can be held while in jail, free of charge, and solutions that might be beneficial to all of us.

Connie Determan

Buena Vista

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