There is a proposed development that would set a dangerous precedent and potentially damaging to the major resource for Chaffee County, the Arkansas River.

This development in the great bend area would place 13-million-dollar townhome/duplex high on a bluff overlooking the river.

The development is located right on the river. The units would be packed together on .45 acre lots and would be highly visible to any river user.

The proposed development is north of Salida just east of the Big Bend area bordering the state fisherman’s access.

The precedent would be that anyone could build a condo complex anywhere in the valley from Granite to the Fremont county line.

The river could be lined with condos. I’m sure that is exactly what the thousands of Arkansas River users want, to raft and fish a river lined with condos.

We have been through this nonsense before. The residents have made it abundantly clear that we want the rural part of the county to be rural and the city to be city.

This was made very clear during the Envision Chaffee County process and the Centerville project review.

But yet here we are again, another developer wanting to destroy the rural character of the county.

The project is called Cool Water and will be heard at the Oct. 10 meeting. We need to let the county commissioners know no condos on the river.

Doug Welch


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