The opponents of the National Popular Vote talk a lot about California and New York “taking over” the presidential elections.  Why do they never mention Texas and Florida, the second and third largest states? 

 Under the current “winner take all” system of allocating Electoral College votes, the only states that matter are the swing states, where the outcome of the presidential election is not safely pre-determined. 

Out of the list of the four largest states above, Florida is the only state that fits in that category. 

Colorado has been a swing state recently, but now all the most respected political analysis sites (including the Cook Political Report and Nate Silver’s 538) have declared Colorado to be a safely Democratic state. 

We are no longer politically relevant. No presidential campaign will plan to come here after the primaries. 

The only way to make every vote – Democrat, Republican and Independent – in Colorado count is to support the National Popular Vote.

We should elect the president as Americans and not cede our vote to a few voters in swing states like Florida, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Diane Alexander

Buena Vista

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