I have been working for years with a group of volunteers to advocate for a community solar project here in Buena Vista.

Our local electric co-op, Sangre De Cristo Electric Association, responded and built a 2 megawatt solar array to supplement their energy portfolio.

Unfortunately, SDCEA has been limited and obstructed in their efforts to install local, clean energy by its fossil-fuel dependent power supplier, Tri-State Generation and Transmission.

We are still waiting for the promised community solar project, which was to be carved out of the new array, and many residents are very frustrated at how hard it is to get renewable energy.

In addition, those of us who have solar panels on our homes and businesses must pay an exorbitant $900 net metering fee and are reimbursed pennies on the dollar for our solar credits at the end of each year.

Many in our community want clean, affordable renewable energy and do not want to be limited by Tri-State’s expensive and environmentally detrimental coal investments.

Rural Colorado should have an opportunity to fully participate in the clean energy economic benefits that the rest of the West has access to.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission is now in a process of determining the rules that Tri-State will have to follow in developing its long-term energy plans in the future.

I encourage Sangre de Cristo Electric Association members to let the PUC know that we want affordable, cleaner, locally generated electricity, and that Tri-State needs to let SDCEA make that possible.

Write to Colorado Public Utilities Commission, 1560 Broadway #250, Denver, CO 80202.

Sue Greiner

Buena Vista

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