I am tired of hearing about gun violence and that putting restrictions on guns will solve the problem.

Yes, some restrictions do need to be made but they will not solve the problem. They may result in one or two less mass shootings a year.

I happen to believe that many of the shooters are intent on suicide by someone else’s hand and see a mass shooting as a way to accomplish this.

The problem that is pushed into the background is violence. Violence is not a sudden act – oh gee, today I’ll go out and shoot someone.

Violence is a long-term evolution. It can start with something as simple as calling someone a name. When they feel comfortable with doing that, they move on up the violence ladder. Things like sexual assault on women or young boys is just a step up the ladder for some.

Two-thirds of the attacks on high schoolers on social media are on girls, many by girls.

Calling people names and more, because of their race, religion, background, etc. are steps further up the ladder, yet all that is done is to condemn this and nothing more.

This is all a part of the problem. Gun control of any sort will not solve these problems and many more like them.

How many people out there are just below the line of committing a violent shooting act who, apparently, few people care about?

How did they get to this point? How will anything to do with guns help these people?

We need to start taking an in-depth look at this problem from the very beginning.

By not doing so as a society it means that we condone the beginning of the trip up the ladder of violence.

Granted, this will not be an easy task, not a short term one, but one that needs to be done.

Cliff Mestel

Buena Vista

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