Colorado’s Red Flag Law certainly is a hot button topic, especially for gun advocates who resist any restriction on gun ownership, despite the fact that a large majority of Americans support gun control.

Gun advocates, though a minority, have been successful in scuttling gun control laws across the country because they are far more vocal than the majority.

Our county commissioners need to remember that this minority voice doesn’t necessarily represent the majority of Chaffee County residents.

 Our commissioners (were) being urged to declare Chaffee a sanctuary county, which would require them to instruct our police to refuse to enforce the RFL, telling these good public servants whose responsibility is to enforce the law, to actually break the law, turning them into criminals. I’m sure the irony is not lost on anyone.

 The only acceptable thing to do is to enforce the RFL as written, and for those who object to it to apply to the courts, to lobby and to attempt to change public opinion.

I was taught that we are a nation of laws and I hope that Americans don’t advocate ignoring laws that they disagree with.

 Though no law is perfect, the RFL is a good carefully written one that guarantees due process. Our commissioners should be cautious about Sheriff Spezze’s musings on it.

While it’s appropriate to listen to Spezze about the logistical and administrative concerns, Spezze’s legal opinions can’t be relied on since he makes basic errors such as claiming that the due process requirements of the 5th Amendment may be violated, when anyone with a basic understanding of the Constitution knows that the 5th only applies to federal actions.

We need to deal with the carnage wreaked on our country by the flood of weapons.

Gun advocates misconstrue the 2nd Amendment since even Scalia’s Heller opinion stated that Heller doesn’t guarantee unfettered possession and use of guns.

Despite horrific mass murders the gun advocates only offer useless prayers and thoughts and refuse to consider gun control, preferring instead to lay the blame on mental illness.

The RFLs, now the law in 15 states, actually address mental illness crises but gun advocates hypocritically refuse to accept the RFLs.

I can only hope that gun advocates have a conscience and don’t simply consider the many thousands of gun deaths to be acceptable collateral damage to their love of guns.

Eric Simons

Buena Vista

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