Regarding the current pandemic, I hope that the MAGA zombies and Fox News State TV addicts out there still have enough connection to our fact-based reality to understand the impact that the president’s** lies, and the lies of Fox News State TV, will have on our lives. 

There have been too many lies to document here, but a few are notable.

First, at a critical time when fast action could have resulted in a huge reduction in the spread of the virus, President Donald Trump decided that the smart move was to play politics, and claimed that the virus was a Democrat hoax.

Of course, the professional liars at State TV were right there with him, helping him spread his dangerous lies and disinformation.

Then he claimed that the number of cases was dropping, when in fact, we have no idea of how many people might be infected, because the President** decided it was more important to play politics than it was to respond appropriately. As a result, we still have no idea how many people might be infected.

Then, in a laughable about-face that was executed when it became obvious that his usual course of lies and bluster will not work this time, Trump claimed, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, that he knew that it was big deal way back in January.

Of course, State TV was right there to help him spread his lies, and, in a sickening display of gaslighting and propaganda, praise him for his “extraordinary leadership.” 

Trump has the gall to claim that he takes no responsibility for any of his failures, and denied the fact that he shut down the White House pandemic task force in 2018, even though he is on video from 2018, bragging about saving money by closing the office.

That’s the Liar in Chief in action, people. All lies, all the time; consequences be damned. 

While all this was happening, the liars on State TV were busy spreading and reinforcing the dangerous lies of their Dear Leader.

A few examples include encouraging people to continue to take commercial flights, in direct opposition to the advice of health experts everywhere, or Sean Hannity and gleeful white supremacist Laura Ingraham doing everything they could think of to downplay the threat and politicize the issue for as long as they could.  

Why does it matter what the liars on State TV are saying?

It matters, because the State TV viewer demographic is largely made up of credulous, at-risk, senior citizens who watch nothing else, and believe every word of the lies that are spread on State TV.

That puts them at an elevated risk of catching and spreading the virus when they follow the advice of the liars on State TV.

People, please talk to your parents and grandparents about the dangers of believing anything they hear on State TV,  for their own sake, and for the sake of the rest of us that will have to deal with the results of their behavior.

Jeff Zaring

Buena Vista

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