In Colorado we value our wildlife and our wild landscapes. What we, as people of faith share, regardless of religious affiliation, is a belief in our obligation to be stewards of God’s Creation—including the wildlife and wild landscapes found so abundantly in Colorado.

God instructs us to be caretakers of God’s creatures, including wolves, birds and other species that inhabit the Earth. Scripture is filled with messages about taking good care of creation.

The Endangered Species Act is one of the most important conservation laws ever passed by Congress and is an example of how we can successfully steward God’s creatures.

It is credited with saving hundreds of species from extinction including the bald eagle and peregrine falcon. The Endangered Species Act, a modern day Noah’s Ark, has also been effective at pulling species back from the brink of extinction; 29 species have made significant recoveries so much so that they have been delisted.

Recently, the Endangered Species Act has been under attack in Congress and from the Trump Administration. Thankfully, legislation such as the PAW and FIN Conservation Act, which helps protect wildlife, counters these attacks and works to serve the common good and fulfill our obligation to be faithful stewards.

This country has had 40 years of successful wildlife stewardship and the Endangered Species Act not only protects imperiled wildlife, but allows Coloradans to safeguard special places, ensuring that our children and grandchildren continue to enjoy their natural heritage.

Rev. Rebecca Kemper Poos,

Senior pastor, Congregational United Church of Christ

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