I’ll be blunt. I think that Trump should be impeached and removed from office, which is in line with what 50 percent of Americans want according to the latest polls. But this should only be done after the full inquiry and the facts are determined, though the evidence so far in the Ukraine debacle is already quite damning.

The Ukraine matter is the appropriate focus now, but Trump is also guilty of numerous other proven impeachable offenses as shown in Part 2 of the Mueller Report (which I have read).

For those who aren’t in favor of impeachment I suggest adding a little perspective. If Obama had acted the way Trump has in this situation, and Republicans were pushing impeachment, would you still be saying that the impeachment process is a waste of time and money and that it is totally partisan?

Next, remember that Clinton was impeached for lying under oath and obstruction of justice. Then remember that Trump’s handlers wouldn’t even let him speak directly to Mueller because they feared “perjury traps”. This simply means that they were certain that he would lie under oath because he is a well-known compulsive pathological liar. As to obstruction, the Trump administration’s obstruction is glaringly obvious.

Hard core Trump supporters will stick with their man no matter what, though it would be nice if they did think about this matter of perspective.

For those who, as one letter writer said, “Held their noses and voted for Trump”, does this perspective give you any additional tools to decide whether you can still support Trump? What is your vision for America? Is Trump a role model you could point to for your children or grandchildren? Would you accept his type of pathological lying, racism, childish name calling, violent rhetoric, adultery, misogyny, etc. (the list goes on and on), in your family and friends?

Supposedly, you “held your noses” primarily because you wanted to have conservative judges, which you now have, so do you still have any reason to continue to support Trump? How long can you “hold your noses”? 

It’s impossible to address all aspects of the impeachment and what the majority of Americans consider to be Trump’s disastrous and incompetent administration in one letter. 

But we are coming into election season, so it’s time for all of us to think clearly about what we want for our great nation.

Eric Simons

Buena Vista

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