Regarding a recent letter to the editor, I have to assume that the writer was struck blind with rage before he was able to finish reading eight short paragraphs regarding recreational cannabis sales in BV, and that since then, he has been so drunk on the euphoric excitement of starting a recall effort, that he has never thought to go back and finish reading the story in order to learn the complete facts of the matter that so upset him. 

If the letter writer had been able to finish reading the story, he would have learned that the only things that have been approved are to research and write a ballot proposal, to reserve a spot for the proposal on the ballot in November, and that the reserved ballot spot is not guaranteed.

No one has “voted to go ahead with recreational marijuana in the town,” as the writer misleadingly claims, and we are a long way from such an unlikely event ever happening in BV.

I don’t care about retail cannabis sales in BV one way or the other, because I know that nothing would change in town in the highly (heh heh) unlikely event that retail sales were approved.

All we have to do is look at Salida and Leadville for proof of that fact. Other than tourists (and why would we ever cater to their desires? What have tourists ever done for BV?), the people that would visit the weed store are already here, and they’re our neighbors.

Nothing would change, other than a potential increase in tax revenues that is so small that it shouldn’t even be a talking point, because we all know that the current good times can never end, right?

I encourage our current elected trustees to ignore the nattering flapjaws who don’t even seem understand what it is that they’re raging against, and to do whatever they think is right for the town, which is why we elected them in the first place. 

Jeff Zaring

Buena Vista

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