It is ironic that a reader wrote in to sing the praises of President* Trump and to warn of governmental corruption on the same week that President* Trump agreed to pay a $2,000,000 fine as punishment for his defrauding of his own charity organization, a charity which was alleged to be about supporting veterans, but was actually used for paying Trump’s legal bills and buying lavish gifts for himself, using the money that people had donated to help veterans.

If you’re hearing about this fraud for the first time, you should watch less Fox News.

As I said, ironic. Not surprising, though. What I’ve learned in the last 3 years is that Republicans will happily throw aside their core values in order to justify a supporting a morally bankrupt President*  -

Respect for the rule of law? Not if it makes the President* look bad. Respect for the military? Only if they are Trump bootlickers. Fiscal conservatives? Not with a Republican tax cut that has created the largest deficit and national debt in the history of the country, and this during a period of sustained economic expansion.

So much for Republican core values, at least the ones they’ll acknowledge. I won’t speculate as to the true core values that drive the continued support of this vile man.

If for no other reason, the Trump years will be valuable for the ways that Trump has exposed the lies, and the truth, at the heart of American conservatism.

Jeff Zaring

Buena Vista

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