When you can’t win by the rules, then try changing the rules. It’s a sad thing to see people trying to discredit the election by lying, cheating and trying to throw out our president because they’re experiencing sour grapes, i.e. sore loser-ship over the 2016 election of one of the most energetic and promise-keeping presidents we’ve ever known during our lifetimes.

Remember, Chaffee County went Donald Trump. What we’re seeing now is an effort to try to discredit him and all that he’s done. It will not work. And for you in Denver and Boulder who are trying to get rid of the electoral college (you need to go to school and have a real history lesson) you are being misled.

Get an education, don’t be a robot. With regard to our president elect, there is no impeachable offense that will work in the favor of the soured grapes peoples. Diplomacy is dedicated to process, and we do not see due process here.

Just a bunch of academia nuts who want to see a president outside of the mainstream political drownouts and Follywood individuals out of touch (Hall & Oates song) who want to dictate to the rest of us who observe due process and the rule of law to bow down to them.

I will not, and I’m sure that you in Chaffee County will not also.

Let’s abandon this Red Flag law by people who fly the red flag of leftism, communism, Marxism.

LaRae Raine

Buena Vista

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