Sorry, Cory Gardner, you can’t portray yourself as an environmentalist while also supporting Donald Trump. Coloradans aren’t that gullible.

Senator Gardner is now touting his role in the effort to protect and enhance the Land and Water Conservation Fund – a very worthwhile program. Washington watchdogs report that Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell have pledged their support as well. Why? Because they know that Gardner is one of the most vulnerable Republicans in the Senate, and that “public lands” plays well in Colorado.

Meanwhile, Cory has endorsed Donald Trump for reelection and appeared with him at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs.

He is supporting a president who, at last count, has already rolled back 66 environmental protection regulations, with 34 more rollbacks in progress.

Donald Trump’s administration includes a former coal industry lobbyist as head of the Environmental Protection Agency (replacing the climate-change denier who was forced out for ethics violations).

To name just 5 of the 100 environmental protection rollbacks:

•  Weakened fuel economy and greenhouse gas standards for passenger cars and light trucks. 

•  Withdrew the legal justification for a rule that limited mercury emissions from coal power plants. 

•  Canceled a requirement for oil and gas companies to report methane emissions. 

•  Weakened oversight of some state plans for reducing air pollution in national parks. 

•  Submitted notice of intent to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement. (The process of withdrawing cannot be completed until November 2020.)

Senator Gardner cannot green-wash himself with the LWCF. He is a Trump enabler and very much a part Trump’s assault on the environment – here in Colorado and around the world.

Those who treasure clean air and water, natural habitats and a healthy planet for future generations will not fall for his posturing.

Anne Marie Holen


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