In defense of the sheriffs of Colorado who refused to enforce the Red Flag Bill, I am writing with regards to what I consider an illegal directive issued by the governor and the state legislature.

They are bound by their oath/affirmation to support the Constitution. It appears the governor and the state legislature have flaunted the Constitution.

In support of my statements I refer to the following:

1. Article VI of the Constitution (requires support by the Government of the Constitution)

2. Amendment II (right to keep and bear arms). Remember, the militia was and is the people.

3. Amendment IV (Warrants of Probable Cause supported by Oath/affirmation.)

4. Amendment V (Shall not be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law; trial.)

All of which are violated by the Red Flag Bill. I would recommend that the governor and the state legislature withdraw the flawed bill and rewrite it to conform to the Constitution and resubmit it or cancel it.

John Schnaderbeck

Buena Vista

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