U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn’s letter to The Times regarding his support for a bill that will stop federal taxes on Social Security benefits got my attention.

Since the Social Security Act was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1935, I have never seen a Republican-sponsored bill that was passed by a Republican-controlled legislature and signed by a Republican president that, in any way, helped Social Security recipients.

I believe that Rep. Lamborn saw an opportunity to make it appear that he was really concerned about doing something to help those people who rely on Social Security, when in fact he knows this bill will not become law.

The bill will likely be passed by the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, with or without his vote.

But, in order for it to become law, it has to be passed without amendments in the Republican-controlled Senate, and he knows that won’t happen.

It probably won’t even be brought up for a vote.

When the Social Security reform legislation was signed into law by President Reagan in 1983, which brought this double tax, it was sold as a way to save the program.

It was, however, just another Republican effort to end it.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong, but I would suggest that if you’re interested in the final outcome of H.R. 3971, you should follow it through the process.

Jerry McMurry

Buena Vista

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