Buena Vista town trustees have decided that recreational marijuana will be legally for sale in Buena Vista.

Four of the six Trustees voted yes and two voted no on July 8 at the public trustees meeting (Swisher and Nyberg).

Outgoing and incoming police chiefs both gave reasons why marijuana is a bad idea, as they deal with the consequences.

Recreational marijuana will bring major revenues to the stores who sell. They say it is to help Buena Vista with the sales taxes on the sales.

However, it is sure to bring revenue to the store by five to seven times that amount.

It was Scott Embree of Ascend (seller of medical marijuana) who brought this to the trustees in October, 2019 and he has been pushing it ever since. And why not? It will bring more revenue to him without even increasing his costs to open a store.

Trustee Amy Eckstein has been cheering this on since introduction to the trustees. Several Ascend affiliates have also been very involved in comments to the board of trustees.

Buena Vista voters voted no on this issue in April, 2016 by 550 to 358 when it was presented to the voters. We have approximately 2,000 registered voters in Buena Vista and half of them vote. But at least they make it clear how they stand.

We have a right and a privilege to vote on an issue as life changing as this. The trustees took this out of the hands of the people who vote.

The decision of a matter of this scope belongs to the people of the town, not four ttrustees.

I’m concerned for those who think “It must be ok, if it is legal.” It is only legal, if the people vote for it.

The adults and the children whose lives will be affected for years to come need this decision by the registered voters. It will be their responsibility whatever the decision.

The trustees will entice you to say yes because Leadville gets $25,000 a month from these sales. That’s $300,00 a year. Trustees say it will build a new fire station, skating rink and park.

And they will put some money aside for rehabilitation of those whose lives are in chaos from bad decisions using marijuana for the wrong reasons. It will cost a lot more than $300,000 a year to do all they say.

Each month the tax revenue chart has said we are doing pretty good and better all the time these last several months even with COVID-19. It is published in this paper.

I get most of my knowledge of this town from the newspaper. It is indispensable to me.

Vote no on recreational marijuana. Recall the four trustees who took away your vote.

Keep this beautiful town a recreational treasure for all who live here and come to visit.

Marjorie Fahrney

Buena Vista

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