In this time of sharp political divisions, it is our hope that every Chaffee County voter will put aside party loyalty for local elections.

Instead, thoughtful consideration of a candidate’s expertise, qualifications and track record is vital for the future of our county.

Keith Baker is by far the most qualified candidate for County Commissioner. (See his website,, to review his impressive career as a naval officer, small business owner, service on boards, etc.)

For 15 years, he has put his heart and soul into skilled, intelligent, open minded and forward-thinking leadership that far exceeds any other candidate.

If you have ridden your bike on along CR 306, driven the reconstructed Cottonwood Pass, used the Chaffee County Shuttle, been served by the Community Foundation, participated in the Envision project, appreciated the designation of Brown’s Canyon as a National Monument, had concerns about low-income housing, childcare, etc., Keith has played an active role in making those things happen.

We’ve listened to his Commissioners’ Annual Reports to the League of Women Voters­.

It is clear he understands concerns of Chaffee County Voters, and has the broad connections needed to get things done.

He serves on 12 community boards and is our representative on the Colorado Counties, Inc. board, which gives him a seat at the table at state and national legislative conferences.

The need for broadband services is just one topic being addressed by these groups, where Keith represents all of us.

Let’s make sure we keep Keith in office.

Clay and Judy Edmands

Buena Vista

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