On Nov. 9-10, the High Country Fine Arts Association presented “Alice In Wonderland Jr.” to packed houses.  

The cast and crew consisted of 27 amazing middle schoolers who worked hard for 2 months to bring this show to life.  

They cooperatively functioned as a team, striving toward a common goal. They had fun, learned about theatre and saw first hand all it takes to make a production happen.  All agreed  it was a “wonderful adventure.”

Experiences such as these take the support and dedication of an entire community.  The HCFAA would like to thank all who helped make “Alice In Wonderland” a marvelous moment in the lives of these young people.

The event was made possible through supoort from High Country Bank, New Bees, Collegiate Peaks Eyecare, Rock Run Gallery, Boneshaker Cycles, The Chaffee County Times, Sorelle Delicatessen, Buena Vista Drug, South Main Realty, Eddyline Restaurant at South Main, BV Dental Care, Aspen Leaf Print & Copy, Alpine Lumber, Amy’s Hair Design, DeFurio Custom Homes, Surf Hotel, BV Optimist Club, Congregational United Church of Christ, Darren Patterson Christian Academy, Trident Theatre, Joseph and Barbara Redetzke, Dave and Judy Butler, Robin Dunn and Janet Berry.

 We also give a heartfelt ovation to the parents and families of our cast and crew.

They see their kids get to rehearsals, learn their lines, songs, dances and technical tasks.  

They support and encourage.

Many help with the show’s production.  

Along with other community volunteers, they work creatively and tirelessly on staging, music choreography, sets, props, costumes, makeup, lighting, sound, programs and posters.  

They sell tickets, bake for the intermission goodies sale, chaperone, set up and clean up.  The list goes on and on.  

And we would be remiss if we did not acknowledge those who attended “Alice In Wonderland” and many if not all our HCFAA productions. Your enthusiasm sparks on the cast and crew to give their best.

These productions are truly a family and community happening. It is one more illustration that Buena Vista cares about their kids, giving them all they can.  Thank you BV!

Judy Hamontre, Buena Vista

HCFAA board member

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