Having recently seen signs and other promotional information for Hannah Hannah running for Chaffee County Commissioner, I decided to distract myself from our divisive national politics with a good look at our local political landscape.

I must say I was sorely disappointed. Hannah Hannah circulated a poster of herself standing in front of an incorrectly hung American flag holding a firearm with a second gun in a holster on her hip.

The firearms clearly indicate her position on the Second Amendment and if I remotely thought anyone in our county was suggesting an assault on gun rights here, she should get their vote.

The truth is there is little threat to gun rights on a county level, while there are a number of high-priority issues facing us, especially in the midst of a pandemic.

The other noticable point to be taken from the posed photo was her red boot laces laced in ladder fashion rather than the traditional X pattern most of us use. The red laces in ladder fashion are an insignia of white Supremicist groups and in my opinion have no place here in Chaffee County.

Further research on her own Facebook page lists her experience as professional mountain bike racer and extreme skier, fashion and jewelry designer and a reference to some real estate work.

She has been in the county 2 years. It appears Hannah has never owned a business nor run one.

Never worked on public policy or any sort of public service work.

No indication she ever managed a large, complex budget.

No indication she is aware of what the county commissioner job entails. Compare this to the three existing commissioners – all of them had owned Chaffee County businesses, lived here for years learning the issues and spent years in public service.

Greg Felt has a lifetime of water public policy advocacy. Keith Baker was a Buena Vista town trustee and mayor pro-tem, executive director of Friends of Browns Canyon, all after a career as a Navy commander including a Pentagon posting.

Rusty Granzella grew up here, ran businesses and was a Salida City Council member.

I appreciate Hannah’s effort to throw her hat in the ring for a job that pays nearly $75,000 per year, but if she wants to contribute to Chaffee County she should be spending hours and years at no-pay volunteer positions learning what public policy and public service is all about rather than attempting to start in a very critical decision making position for which she has no qualifications.

Chaffee County Commissioners oversee a $32 million-dollar budget, manage 290 employees and need to be well informed on everything from wild land fires to road construction to zoning regulations and much much more.

Hannah Hannah is woefully unqualified for the job she is seeking and Chaffee County deserves so much more. Please re-elect Greg Felt and Keith Baker.

Rob Dubin


EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Dubin’s missive was received but not published prior to our implementing election letter word limits.

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