South Court Social

This is an artist’s rendition of the proposed development at the site of Trader Tad’s at the corner of East Main and Court streets.

The site will be retail stores on the ground floor and four apartments on the second and third floors. The second building will have the same configuration.

This is a total of 16 apartments. They will be one- and two-bedroom apartments.

A small courtyard is between the two buildings. There will be bicycle racks available.

There will be seven parking places in the back. There is no overnight parking on East Main Street, so side street parking will be used. This could conceivably mean if two cars to an apartment there will be 32 cars parked in the area.

The developers of the property are Carol & Alan Kelly from Breckenridge. The architects are Allen-Guerro of Frisco.

This development will be coming before the Buena Vista Zoning and Planning Commission at 7 p.m., July 15.

This will be a Zoom meeting online. If you are interested in this development, check in to this meeting and learn about it.

The rest of this block, across from the elementary school will soon be available for development.

Since this is the elementary school, children are walking or riding their bikes to school 5 days a week and the traffic will be greatly increased with this development.

It will be even more intense if the whole block is made into apartments.

Listen and learn about the proposed development at the Zoning and Planning meeting and express your concerns on at 7 p.m., Wednesday, July 15.

Suzy Kelly

Buena Vista

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Joseph Holub

I will be shocked and disappointed if the town planners approve a housing complex that does not provide at least one parking place per unit which should be at least the bare minimum. I would suggest at least 24 parking places. I agree that it means the nearby neighborhood streets will become littered with parked cars in front of neighborhood homes. I am not a homeowner in that neighborhood, but if I was I would be against this project as proposed. I hope planning holds the line on this project and require a redesign or more parking.

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