EDITOR’S NOTE: Colorado Revised Statute 18-1.3.501 and 25-1-516 cites a failure to comply COULD include a fine of up to $5,000 and imprisonment in the county jail of up to 18 months. Chaffee Health and the state of Colorado have continuously stressed education and compliance for health safety rather than punitive enforcement measures.

I was shocked and saddened on Saturday (5/9) when I visited a store in Buena Vista’s downtown that had been closed for several weeks. On the window and door of this small business were home-made signs that read, “Do Not Enter Without Proper Face Covering.”

When I got inside I asked the owner about the harshness of his signs. He informed me that IF anyone was in the store without “proper face covering,” the County Health Department would fine him $25,000 and/or 18 months in prison.

Who gave these people the right to threaten small business owners with such stiff penalties? Local business owners everywhere have suffered so much under the draconian edicts issues by government “officials” during this crisis. I am very concerned about these bureaucrats who are crushing all civil liberties – especially in light of the facts regarding the epidemic.

These are (still) the facts:

Not everyone will get the disease

Among those that do, the vast majority will recover

This ain’t Ebola folks

The BEST way to develop immunity/antibodies is exposure to the virus and plenty of sunshine, fresh air and exercise to keep the immune system strong (IE - “shelter in place” is exactly the wrong strategy)

Yes, the elderly with underlying medical conditions NEED to isolate but…

Sweden did not “lock dow” their country. Yet, according to the Swedish ambassador to the U.S. who was interviewed last Wednesday, they have arrived at ‘herd immunity” BECAUSE they are not “locked down” nor ordering “shelter in place”

Furthermore, my God says, “fear not,” “do not give way to fear” and “do not be frightened” “do not be afraid”

To threaten our neighborhood businesses, as the County Health Bureau has done, is an example of government strong-arm, dictatorial, one-size-fits-all overreach.

Tim Burt

Buena Vista

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