In my 8 years as a Chaffee County resident, I have learned at least two things about local government: 1) National political affiliations do not define those who locally do what’s best for Chaffee County, and 2) Keith Baker has been our best county commissioner over the past 8 years.

Keith’s experience for commissioner is unequaled in this race. A retired U.S. Navy Commander and a 16-year resident of the county, he owned a local business for 8 years and effectively served as a Buena Vista town trustee.

Prior to running for commissioner, he attended numerous commissioner meetings to familiarize himself with county issues and concerns to prepare himself for the job.

That’s just like Keith to be prepared.

In his first campaign for commissioner, Keith stressed the need for an updated comprehensive plan.

In spite of resistance, Keith maintained course as a good Navy man would. The new plan will be published later this year.

As a long-time resident of Chaffee County, Keith Baker has worked for the values that most of us want for the county – the continuation of a rural ranching community that faces the challenges of inevitable growth.

Keith has served us well. A vote to re-elect Keith Baker is both an informed and an obvious choice.

J. David Holt,


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