Why are so many prominent mainstream Republicans starting anti-Trump PACs (Lincoln Project, 43 Alumni for Biden etc.)? Because they understand that Trump is an absolute disaster for the country and for their party.

They know that he is a narcissistic incompetent corrupt loser and not a leader nor a president, but a weak man with a basketful of overwhelming personality defects that have caused him to bungle almost everything he’s been involved in.

They know that he cares only about himself and attacks the sacred institutions of our democracy that have kept this country stable for so long.

Many of us have known this all along but, apparently, Trump’s disastrous approach to COVID (Just a flu! Let’s have a bleach cocktail! I have total control, but wait, it’s all the governors’ fault! Now let’s just ignore it and it will disappear!) has prompted many of his supporters who may have held their noses and voted for him the first time to re-evaluate their opinion of the man because Trump’s dangerous and destructive actions are impacting them directly.

Add in his blatant racism and disgusting response to the Black Lives Matter movement and we are beginning to see a possible mass exodus from Trumpland.

 If anyone tries to point to the economy, whooo boy! Just like he inherited his money from his daddy and did a less than mediocre job of managing it (can you say bankruptcy six times) he inherited a steadily growing economy from Obama and, wait for it, failed to even match Obama’s numbers (see Forbes Feb 19, 2020 article by Chuck Jones) while erroneously claiming he, Trump, had created the best economy in the history of the universe. And this was before his disastrous response to COVID exacerbated the “Yuge” economic dive we’ve seen this year. 

So, when you look at Siena College’s much respected 2018 Survey of U.S. Presidents in which 157 presidential scholars ranked all the presidents and Trump came in at third worst and then take into consideration the horrible things he’s done since 2018 (especially this year) it’s almost inevitable that, in the 2020 survey, he will occupy the slot of worst president (in the history of the universe).

Rather than bring on an apocalyptic MAFA (Make America Fail Again) by re-electing Trump, let’s get out and vote and deliver the punch line from his own show ‘You’re fired!”

Eric Simons

Buena Vista

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