A letter from David Hester of Buena Vista in the Dec. 12 Times has prompted me to write this letter.

I could relate to his discouragement from his experiences in various churches.

I grew up going to church with my family in a very small town in western Massachusetts and always believed but felt confused; but I was young. I moved to Breckenridge in 1977, before it changed, and stayed for 33 years.

I went to church regularly and listened as hard as I could but wondered why I was depressed, lonely, hopeless, floundering, confused – why didn’t I feel peace?

Mr. Hester wrote that he gets his life view now from Thoreau, Buddha and others. So did I, along with every self help book I saw (the self help books sounded good and helpful while I read them, but when I finished them it all melted away).

My husband and I moved to Buena Vista in 2011 and tried one church a couple of times, but it didn’t strike a chord so we stopped, and I decided that maybe it wasn’t worth it. But then on Oct. 11, 2012, my daughter and her husband and 7-year-old daughter were living in Denver and were in a crisis involving alcohol.

To make a long story short, my daughter and granddaughter live here now.

Thanks to the Salvation Army adult rehabilitation center in Denver and their amazing officers, Ron and Roberta, as well as AA here in BV, and ClearView Community Church on Rodeo Road here in BV, their lives have turned around.

My daughter kept telling me I should go to ClearView and I finally did, and my husband goes now too.

What a place – loving, joyful, kind, caring, giving ... I get “the shivers” just thinking about it. Pastor Zach’s messages/sermons make it all clear: God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and what God wants from us and doesn’t want, how to be in a relationship with Him. (In a past Breckenridge sermon we were told we should be in a relationship with God but I don’t recall the “how-to” instructions – I wasn’t doing well in earthly relationships, so how does an invisible relationship work?)

And my granddaughter is now 14, a difficult time. Thank God for Julie and Ben Little who work with the kids at ClearView. Absolutely amazing...

Seek and ye shall find. It worked for me and I pray that we can all find our way to Him and His peace, love, hope, joy, patience, gentleness...and to not feel so all alone anymore! And how to have these Fruits of the Spirit even when our life is upside down and out of control! 

Linda Lunger

Buena Vista

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