An exciting event happened recently at Avery-Parsons Elementary School. People of all ages and walks of life met for volunteer training.  

Volunteers have played a role for many years at the school, but it is being revved up by interim principal Judy Lynn.

In addition to announcing the program through public and social media, Judy called many of her retired friends who called their friends and so word spread.  

There had to be at least 50 eager people crowded into the Avery-Parsons library. Energy was high.

The intent of the expanded volunteer program is to give BV’s great kids an even richer education and more one-on-one adult contact.  

Of course, it also will provide our devoted, hard-working, outstanding teachers more help and support.  It enhances the spirit of community that makes Buena Vista special, bringing parents, grandparents, retirees, everyone together to support and enhance our schools, our youth, our future.

This volunteering does not require much time, as little as an hour a week and allows for 1 week to even a month or two for travel.  No prior training in education is required.

There are a variety of ways to volunteer: Clerical tasks such as photo copying and laminating, bulletin board making, playground/recess time involvement, lunch duty and classroom help in reading, writing, math and so much more with so many subjects including art, PE, music and assisting in the library.

The program is well-organized with clear goals.  Volunteers will feel welcomed and clearly guided in any way they choose to help.  And the real perk is connecting to and working with these wonderful kids.  

Life gets no better.

If you are just hearing about this volunteer program, you still can get involved.  

Forms are available in the Avery-Parsons office.

I cannot wait to get started. Thank you, teachers, for such wonderful schools.  

Thank you, Judy, for calling me and thank you Avery-Parsons teachers, staff and parents for opening up such a rewarding opportunity to we community members, especially we seniors.

Judy Hamontre

Buena Vista

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