Last week the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee unanimously passed two of my bills – (SB20-002 “Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program” and SB20-048 “Study Strengthening Water Anti-speculation Law”) and recommended them for the consent calendar in the Senate. 

Other working bills include:

SB20-003 “Water Projects Eligibility Lists” is scheduled to be heard in the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee on Jan. 30. This bill will update entities and projects to the Drinking Water Project Eligibility List and the Water Pollution Control Project Eligibility List.

SB20-024 “Require Public Input on Water Demand Management Program” will be heard in the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee on Jan. 30. This bill will require Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Water Resources Review Committee to offer opportunities for the public to comment on the demand management program and the final plan must include these public comments. 

SB20-010 “Repeal on Plastics Regulations in Local Governments” will be heard in Local Governments Committee on Feb. 4. SB20-010 will repeal the current state statute to allow local governments to determine the plastic regulations.

SB20-121 “Manage Gray Wolves in Colorado” was introduced on Jan. 24. This bill authorizes Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission to manage gray wolf populations and if necessary, reintroduce gray wolves to Colorado. It also requires the state to study and propose a reimbursement structure. 

SB20-122 “Mobile Veteran Support Unit Grant Program” was introduced on Jan. 24. SB20-122 will establish a one-time grant program for nonprofit organizations to initiate mobile veteran support unit, which will provide veterans with a point of contact to obtain health and well-being services and benefits. It will serve rural Colorado and veterans experiencing homelessness. 

Statement on SB20-122

“Sometimes we need to bring help to people, not ask them to find us. This bill will support that effort and make sure that those who served our country are in turn served by their state.”

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