Last Friday, the Senate hosted Military Appreciation Day in the Senate chambers. Active service members and retired veterans joined legislators on the floor of the Senate to remember and celebrate our military forces. 

SJR20-011 “Honoring Colorado Vietnam Veterans” remembers and honors Vietnam veterans in Colorado. This joint resolution passed with the support of the entire Colorado Senate. 

On Feb. 5, SB20-122 “Mobile Veteran Support Unit Grant Program’’ passed through the Veterans and Military Affairs Committee with unanimous and bipartisan support to move to the Appropriations Committee. 

On Feb. 6, SB20-130 “Backcountry Search and Rescue in Colorado” passed through the Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee with unanimous and bipartisan support to move to the Appropriations Committee.  

SB20-154 “Bring Own Wine Into Restaurants” was introduced to the Senate on Feb. 4 and will be heard in the Business, Labor and Technology Committee. 

SB20-078 “Dogs on Restaurant Patios” is scheduled to be heard on Feb. 10 in the Business, Labor and Technology Committee. This bill will speak to restaurants allowing dogs in their outdoor dining areas and clarify that restaurants can permit dogs on patios, if they so choose.

This bill passed committee with bipartisan support with a vote of 4-1 and will now move to second readings on the Senate Floor.

I’m excited to see this bill clear its first hurdle with bipartisan support. If a restaurant chooses to let furry friends join their owners in outdoor dining areas, this bill sets out some guidelines to ensure cleanliness and safety in the dining establishment.

We are 33 days into the session so lots of bills are moving through the legislative process.

HB20-1010 “CO Accurate Residence For Redistricting Act” will be introduced into the Senate and SB20-002 “Rural Economic Development Initiative Grant Program” has been introduced to the House and assigned to House committees.

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