65, first female underground crew chief for Climax Molybdenum Mine.

Linda Elizabeth Pierce lost her battle with the debilitating disease of Multiple Sclerosis on June 5, 2019, in Grand Junction. She was born in Frankfort, Germany, Jan. 3, 1954, to Gloria and Monroe Zartman – a colonel in the United States Airforce.

A woman who challenged standards and elevated those around her, she graduated with multiple degrees and went to work for Climax Molybdenum Mine in Leadville.

She later married Ernest Pierce, a co-worker and musician who had previously played backup guitar for Johnny Cash. Linda was also the first female underground crew chief for the mine. Her 16 years with the mine were accident free and she left with the respect of her crew and peers.

When the mine was purchased, Linda returned to college and studied criminal justice. Hired by the maximum security Buena Vista penitentiary, Linda again gained respect as a female correctional officer and was a favorite with prisoners.

She is survived by her siblings, Jamie, Katherine, Susan and David.

A celebration of life was held on Sunday, June 9, in Grand Junction. A woman from a strong generation that too few remain today. Donations can be made to the M.S. Society on her behalf.