Eva Flowers

91, loved memorizing Scripture and teaching Bible studies.

Eva LaVaughn (Pippin) Flowers passed away peacefully Dec. 24, 2019.

Joseph Edde and Ada Mae (Ozbun) Pippin became proud parents of Eva LaVaughn (Pippin) Flowers at their home in Urbana, Dallas, Mo., Dec. 20, 1928. Eva was the seventh of eight children.

The family moved to the “Pippin Farm” in Hickory County, Mo., in 1938. Rev. Orville Hodge baptized Eva in the Pomme de Terre River Sept. 30, 1944.

She was the editor of Urbana Highlights, the high school newspaper, played the viola and played on the basketball team.

She took her first job as a soda jerk at the Crown Drug Store her junior summer. Eva graduated 4th in her class from Urbana High School in 1946.

She received a scholarship to attend Central Business College in Kansas City, Mo., but had to turn it down as the family wasn’t able to afford it at that time.

Eva returned to Kansas City and worked at Wilson Sports and Luzier’s Cosmetics typing invoices.

She met the Grover family. They had five daughters, whom they asked Eva to care for the rest of the summer at their cabin on the lake in Beloit, Wis. She returned to Urbana that September and worked for Jim and Bonnie Stafford at their Urbana Drug Store.

March, 1947, she left by train to join her sister, Dorothy and husband, Phillip German, in Buena Vista. She found employment as a soda jerk at Schaefer’s Drug Store.

She met Bob Flowers May 1, when he returned from the Merchant Marines. She stole his heart with real cream chocolate malts. Bob proposed at a dance on their first date. She turned him down, but he pursued her again asking at the tunnels north of town.

Eva returned home to Urbana in August. Bob and her brother, Oscar, arrived in Urbana in October when Bob presented her with an engagement ring. They were married Dec. 2, 1947, at the Methodist Church in Urbana.

After their honeymoon at the Oxford Hotel in Denver and a side trip to Tiny Town, they returned to Buena Vista where Bob was proprietor of his late father, Harvey’s, Eveready Freight Service. They lived with Bob’s widowed mother at the west corner of South Pleasant Avenue and Main St.

Eva enjoyed traveling with Bob on his various jobs. With more funds needed, Eva returned to working as a soda jerk at Schaefer’s Drug Store. Their first child was stillborn. Eva moved with Bob to Climax in 1951, where he worked in the Transportation Departments.

Vicki was born in 1951. Their first son, Kit, was born in 1953. In 1955 Jolene was born. Ron was their last child born in 1956.

Eva worked for the Fremont Trading Post in the clothing department sewing alterations. She also made clothes for all of her family.

There was a strike at Climax in 1958. The Flowers’ family returned to Buena Vista, to live in Bob’s mother’s one-bedroom home. Eva rededicated her life to Christ and started attending a Bible study led by Virginia Carpenter.

They were building a home west of town but sold it and took a position at Young Life’s Rancho Caballo. The family was active in the Community Church in town.

Eva was busy with rearing her children, cooking for whoever was around, driving horses from Rancho Caballo to Frontier Ranch, removing rocks from the hay fields, putting up hay, caring for newborn animals that would appear in front of the heater in the house, swimming, hiking and more.

During the early 1960s, Eva led Bible studies for high school girls and one for young mothers. Bible studies became a part of her life leading or attending throughout her life. The family began going to the First Baptist Church around 1962, where she helped care for babies and found people to serve in the nursery.

She loved memorizing verses. Eva carried messages to Jim Rayburn, the founder of Young Life, as he worked on creating Trail West. She helped in various jobs at the lodge which was built in 1964.

Beginning in 1964, Eva started her career in school bus driving for Roland Harms that would last until 1979.

In 1965 Eva was working at Trail West as head housekeeper, receptionist, reservationist, supply purchaser, kitchen helper and chalets and condos cleaner. She continued working at Trail West through 1970.

She kept herself busy learning to ski, sewing prom dresses and other clothes for her children and their friends. In the early 1970s, Eva helped on Hotline, a phone connection for people in need of help.

She received a Child Evangelism Teacher’s Certificate and started holding Good News Clubs in her home. In 1978, Eva and Bob built their home at 112 Hill St., four children graduated from college, Eva worked at Delaney’s Depot as a hostess, played tennis and completed an H&R Block course with Jolene.

They started the first H&R Block in Buena Vista in 1979 under Evelyn Epp.

Eva made the suit coats for Bob, Kit and Ron, and dresses for Vicki, Jolene and herself for Kit and Jan’s wedding in 1979. Vicki joined the H&R Block team when Jolene left.

Eva began baking pies at Delaney’s Depot from 1980-1983.

In 1981, through Exchanged Life Ministries and in 1982, took Real Estate classes. She worked for Ken Eigsti at Arkansas Valley Realty Office from 1983-1990. She became a Notary in 1984.

She began working for Jane Knowles at Western Horizons Real Estate in 1990. She was named director in Chaffee County Board of Realtors for 1991-1992. In 1992, she began her own real estate business, Eva Flowers’ Realty. She hired Vicki, her daughter; Karol, her daughter-in-law and Joshua, her oldest grandson, in 1995.

Eva was featured in The Chaffee County Times in 2001. She was a member of American Association of Christian Counselors.

Traveling was an activity that Eva and Bob enjoyed, covering many states in the USA, Canada, Europe and Kenya, Africa.

The loss of her husband, Bob, Nov. 29, 2005, left a huge hole in her life. She closed her office in April of 2006, and joined Century 21 under Dallas Campbell.

She was chosen as Best of Chaffee County Realtors in 2007. She retired from Century 21 at the age of 85. Since that time she filled her schedule with folding bulletins for Valley Fellowship Church, making bread for newcomers in the church, making cookies for coffee hour at the church, supplying meals for those in need, prayer groups, Bible studies, sewing bags for Treasured and Protected, knitting baby blankets for the Buena Vista Pregnancy Center, encouraging people on Facebook and those who would drop in or she would go visit, doing puzzles, playing Skipbo and Hand and Foot.

She was adventurous like the time she climbed Angel Falls in her late 80s or snowmobiling with friends a couple years ago. She was going to the gym 3 days a week up until midsummer.

She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2018. Her son, Ron, and his wife, Karol, moved in with her in July of 2019. She was honored at the first Pippin Family Reunion in Buena Vista in September 2019.

At the age of 91 years and 4 days, she passed away peacefully with Vicki at her side.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert Joseph Flowers; parents, Joseph Edde and Ada Mae (Ozbun) Pippin; her siblings and their spouses: Mamie Mae (Homer) Bybee, Dorothy Lucille (Phillip) German and (Andy) Anderson; Ozbun Joseph (Velma Creach) Pippin; Ada Jo (Charles) Edde; Helen Pearl (Ralph) Bentley and (Virgil) Bennett; James Oscar (Theresa Betty Houghton) (June Artie Young) (MaryElizabeth [Fallman] Wilson) (Mary Patricia [Brinkman] Holmes Pippin Sparks) Pippin and Georgetta (Robert) Harbison [Warren] Lawrence (Lawrence) Chaney; son-in-law, David Eugene Melton and several nieces and nephews.

Eva is survived by her children and their spouses: Vicki Lynn Melton (grandsons: John David and Carey Lynn [Somora Rachell]) Melton; Robert Kit and Janet Ruth Flowers (granddaughters: Molly Jo and Jason Scott Ewert (great-grandchildren: Joseph Scott, Caleb Benjamin, Samuel Aaron and Abigail Lauren) and Melissa Alice Miller (great-grandchildren: Connor Robert, Jackson Creighton and Ryan Christopher); Jolene Dale and Paul John Ahrens (granddaughter: Joy Evonne (Bradley Michael) Carr (great-grandchildren: Anna McKenzie and Matthew Robert); Ronald Evan and Karol Robin Flowers (grandsons: Joshua Caleb, Luke Aaron and Tessa Lynn (great-grandchildren: Owen Thomas, Lydia Anne, and Naomi Lynn) and Nathan Daniel and Sarah Renee (great-grandchildren Tamirat Josiah, Elijah Bear, Abel Robert, and Mia Rahel); and John Michael and Jennifer Lynn Flowers (grandchildren: John Brendan, Bryce Cameron and Kaleigh Christiana Flowers whose mother is Tracy Lynn Flowers and step-grandchildren: Zachary Thomas, Savannah Marie, Alexis Abigail, Leonard William, IV Cooper); brother-in-law, Robert (Shirley) Lear, several nieces and nephews.

Donations can be made to Christian Veterinary Mission, 19303 Fremont Ave. N., Seattle, WA 98133, the Buena Vista Young Life Club (please designate clearly): P.O. Box 2025, Buena Vista, CO 81211; or Valley Fellowship Church, PO Box 2055, Buena Vista, CO 81211.

Celebration of Eva’s life will be held Saturday, Jan. 11, at 10:00 a.m., at Valley Fellowship Church, 608 S. San Juan Ave., Buena Vista.